The team control has existed for more than 20 years of research and development activity, its research program addresses the issue of robust control of robots through the proposal of control strategies based on new generations of homogeneous controllers that are both continuous and robust and provide high performance within a specified time, despite uncertainties and disturbances. In addition, the goal is to propose control strategies while taking into consideration the environment in which the robot evolves (dynamic constraints). Optimal control is also one of the issues in this research team, whose concern is to develop robust and optimal control algorithms that minimize the energy consumption of the robot and reduce the mission time on  robotic systems that are manipulator robots (rigid and flexible) or mobile robots (AGV and UGV).


– FNR: Robust Control of Robotic Systems (RCRS)

– Socio-economic: Realization of an exoskeleton robot dedicated to functional rehabilitation

Hardware \ Software : Mobile Robots, Artificial Muscle


We give some articles only published in journals during the previous protocol:

1)K. Kherraz, M. Hamerlain, N. Achour

“Robust Neuro-Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller for a flexible Robot Manipulator”, International Journal of Robotics and Automation, 30(1), pp. 1-10, 2015

2) S. Tchenderli, F. Hamerlain , N. Saadia

“Experimentations on the adaptive sliding mode control For aTrajectory Tracking Applied on a Bi‐Steerable Car”, International. Journal of Vehicle Design, Vol.69 , N°1/2/3/4 , pp. 285-303, 2015

3) Faiza Hamerlain ,  Thierry Floquet,  Wilfrid Perruquetti

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4) L. Melkou, M. Hamerlain,

“Classical Sliding and Generalized Variable Structure Controls for a Manipulator Robot Arm with Pneumatic Artificial Muscles”. Journal of System Dynamics Applications (IJSDA). IGI-Global, USA. (Vol. 3, issue 1, 2014).

5) ALLAM Ahmed, NEMRA Abdelkrim, HAMERLAIN Mustapha

“Smooth Variable Structure Filter VSLAM” ,  IFAC-PapersOnLine 49-15 (2016) 205–211,      Journal ELSEVIER 2016

6) Fouad Yacef , Omar Bouhali , Mustapha Hamerlain  and Nassim Rizoug

“ Observer-based Adaptive Fuzzy Backstepping Tracking Control of Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Powered by Li-ion Battery”, Journal of Intelligent & Robotics systems , DOI 10.1007/s10846-016-0345-0, 2016

7) A. Rezoug, B. Tondu, M. Hamerlain and M. Tadjine

«RBFNN nonsingular terminal sliding super twisting control for n-DOF robotic manipulator” Journal of control and applied engineering, Vol 18, N°3.  PP. 52-62, 2016

8) S. A. Tchenderli-Braham, F. Hamerlain, and N. Saadia

“A Unified Approach for Both Trajectory Tracking and Stabilization Tasks Applied on a Wheeled Mobile Robot,” Journal of control Engineering and Applied Informatics, 2016.


Collaboration :

Last name & first name Grade Quality (associate, collaborator, student *) Affiliation structure
Prof. Benallegue Aziz Professor Collaborator University of Versailles, France
Prof. Bouaziz Samir Professor Collaborator University paris-Saclay
Prof. Guiatni Mohamed Professor collaborator Polytechnic Military School
Dr. Laghrouche salah MRA (HDR) Collaborator University of Belfort, FEMTO (CNRS)


Team leader

Dr. Belhocine Mahmoud, Research Director