The Robotized Production Systems (SRP) team works to promote the production activity in Algeria in partnership with industrial operators and conducts research / development activities with a high socio-economic impact. This ambition is reflected in the development of new technological solutions in the field of cyberphysical automated production systems, product-driven control and multi-agent and distributed scheduling.
The ultimate goal is to modernize production systems by integrating cyberphysics systems and the internet of industrial objects to develop new concepts of supervision for the digital industry 4.0. In addition, the SRP team provides a complementary coaching and research training activity in the advanced fields of production and industry 4.0.
The know-how and the expertise were affirmed on more than two decades of activity having led to several masterpieces and contributions, the main ones are listed below:

a)  Contribution in the design, development and implementation of Cyber-Physics Robotics / Productivity systems, according to their informational, technological, decisional and interactional dimension.

b)  Contribution in the framework of the study of the influence of cyber-physical environments on the Robotics / Productive systems, according to their architectural, decisional and functional dimension.

c)  Contribution in the context of cyber-physical robotics / production systems to the design, development and implementation of optimization, scheduling and decision-making approaches distributed according to their methodological and application components.

d)  Contribution in the context of cyber-physical robotics / production systems to the design, development and implementation of advanced interactional robotic systems according to their architectural, functional and technological dimensions as well as their different application aspects: intervention robotics, service and industrial.

Research projects with socio-economic impact:

The team is conducting two research / development projects with high socio-economic impact.


Project 1 : Development of a dedicated supervision / management system for an Industry 4.0 Platform
The short-term actions planned for this project are as follows:

a) Realization and implementation of a centralized supervision tool on the physical platform CDTA / Industry 4.0 (use OPC and API java and integrating the information sensors, robots and RFID real time)

b) Implementation of software interfaces (OPC) for the connection to distributed components (distributed output ports equipped with OPC UA CPUs) for control of integrated workstations (robot + conveyors + sensors + RFID)

c) Implementation of a coordinated distributed control architecture of the physical platform (multi-agent / JADE JAVA) integrating workstations

d) Instrumentation of pallets / products (embedded system / Endroid) and integration with the control / supervision architecture (JAVA / JADE / ANDROID)

e) Integration of DES simulation (flexsim or simulator siemens) in the dynamic control loop (Supervisory Agent)

f) Implementation of a dynamic piloting approach of the platform by simulation / optimization coupling and integration with the control architecture

g) Adaptation of the dynamic control approach (coupling / simulation / optimization) to the industrial centralized context (compatibility with conventional industrial systems)


Project 2 : Teaching Bench in Industrial Automation based on the “Hardware in the Loop Simulation” (HILS) 2 approach
The actions related to the implementation of this project in the short term are as follows:

a) Study and design of systems and choice of software and hardware components as well as technologies to be valued

b) Implementation of prototype platforms (automation and robotics) (TRL 4-5)

c) Implementation of prototypes of platforms integrating control system (for industrial assembly system)

d) Tests, validation and feedback

e) Improved platforms and development of actual business plans (TRL 8-9)


Hardware \ Software facilities: Robots, Automata, Supervisory Software


Scientific production:
The SRP team has produced several (about 200) publications and articles in well-known international journals and conferences.



a) At the national level

The SRP team is from the outset committed to contribute to national effort through the promotion and appropriation of the techniques of industry 4.0 to the benefit of the Algerian companies. This contribution has already materialized through the signing of two partnerships with Siemens and SNVI, signed on behalf of CDTA. This effort will be continued over the medium and long terms. We also participate in the transfer of knowledge in Algeria through the supervision of trainees and PFE students from different academic cycles.

b) At the international level

The international contribution is measured by the quality of the scientific publications of the team, which is satisfactory, and by the cooperation actions. On this last point, it is planned a set of action of connection with our colleagues researchers of some institutions which work on the topics of industry 4.0. Two actions are in progress with Valencienne and Troyes laboratories, the results of which are visible through the joint scientific publication.


Team Leader

Dr. Akli Isma, Research associate A