Team leader: DR. BELAROUSSI Yasmina

The ARFIC (Analog& Radio Frequency Integrated circuits) team performs research and development activities in the field of analog, radio frequency and mixed integrated circuit (IC) design for high speed wireless and wired applications using commercial sub-micrometric CMOS technologies such as STMicroelectronics, TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) or SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation) for several years now.

The ARFIC team has developed skills and expertise in the design of various analog, RF and mixed ICs in CMOS technology such as low noise amplifiers, radio frequency mixers, voltage controlled oscillators, power amplifiers, trans-impedance amplifiers and analog to digital converters, as well as layout design using the IC design flow based on the Cadence and Mentor Graphics tools.

The ARFIC team implements low-power RF transmission and reception solutions on silicon for intelligent communicating objects, and tests them using the characterization resources available in the microelectronics and nanotechnology division.

Team members

SLIMANE Abdelhalim (DR)




TAIBI Abdelkader (MRB)

 EL OUCHDI Ahmed Amine(MRB)


TAHIR Nasrallah (AR)


 Projects : 

Socio-economic projects

SR Tx / Rx CI Project:  Tx/Rx Radio System for Intelligent Sensors. Project  manager : SLIMANE Abdelhalim . 


DPESCIBD Project: Développement d’un process d’élaboration de substrats dédiés à la conception et à la fabrication de circuits intégrés en bande millimétrique. Project manager : BELAROUSSI Yasmine. 


  • Design of analog and RF functions in CMOS (LNA, Mixer, …).
  • Design of PCB/SiP passive circuits (Filters, Combiners, etc.).
  • Integration of RF functions in emission-reception systems.

Area of impact

The integrated circuit design activity must be grafted within universities to create a pool of qualified personnel. To do this, this workforce represented by the student body must be drained towards the semiconductor sector by creating a national master in microelectronics common to all universities, and whose program is defined by the DMN given its role as focal point in the ecosystem. The teaching of integrated circuit design as well as the learning of the tools dedicated to this activity is also essential.