Team leader: Dr. ATROUCHE -BELAROUSSI Yasmina        

The ARFIC (Analog & Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits) team conducts its research work along two main axes: on the one hand, the design of analog, radiofrequency and mixed integrated circuits (ICs); on the other hand, broadband characterization and modeling of active and passive devices in millimeter band.

Concerning the first axis, the ARFIC team has been carrying out research and development activities for several years in the field of the design of analogue, radiofrequency and mixed integrated circuits (ICs), for wireless and wired high-speed applications, in submicrometric CMOS technology, for their manufacture in foundries such as STMicroelectronics, TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) or SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation). The ARFIC team implements low power consumption RF transmission and reception solutions on silicon dedicated to intelligent communicating objects and tests them using the test means available at the level of the microelectronics and nanotechnology division.

As for the second axis, the project consists of the characterization and modeling of MOS devices in advanced SOI technology and the elaboration of porous silicon substrates dedicated to the design and manufacture of components and integrated circuits for wireless communication applications in millimeter bands. Passive millimeter-band structures fabricated on standard silicon and porous silicon (PSi) substrates with a CMOS-compatible process from CDTA’s Micro-Manufacturing Technology Platform (PTM) for wireless applications. Skills and expertise have been acquired, within the framework of a collaboration with the ICTEAM institute of the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium), in different stages of the process, ranging from the anodizing stage to the integration of structures on standard and porous silicon substrates, in addition to the radiofrequency characterization of advanced MOS SOI devices and millimetric passive circuits.

Team members



Socio-economic peojects:

DPESCIBD project: Development of an elaboration process for substrates dedicated to the design and manufacture of integrated circuits in millimeter band. Project manager :  ATROUCHE-BELAROUSSI Yasmina. 


  • Design of analog and RF functions in CMOS (LNA, Mixer,…).
  • Integration of RF functions in emission-reception systems.
  • Elaboration of porous silicon (PSi) substrates dedicated to the integration of millimeter passive structures.
  • Design of passive circuits on PCB and porous silicon (Filters, Combiners, etc.).
  • Integration of millimetric passive circuits (filters, power divider, circulators, etc.) on Si and PSi substrates.
  • Static and high frequency electrical characterization and modeling of MOS structures in SOI technology.
  • Development of techniques for extracting the small signal equivalent circuit from advanced MOS transistors.

Area of impact

National level

  • Optimization of a porous silicon elaboration process for millimeter-band wireless communication applications (100% in-house) with a CMOS-compatible process.
  • Installation of an RF measurement bench for the characterization of the manufactured passive and active millimetric circuits.
  • Setting up an educational platform for e-learning.

International level

  • International collaboration with ICTEAM institute of the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium.
  • High level publications in IEEE, Elsevier…etc.
  • Participation in top level international conferences.