Team leader: Miss CHENOUF Amel

The FCS team’s program aims to build capacity by developing skills and expertise in microelectronics technology as well as setting up automated test benches for electrical characterization and device reliability assessment. To achieve this, two objectives are pursued. The first one is of a technological development nature through the assembly of characterization platforms and new soft/hard test benches suitable for degradation assessment as well as the automation of the different measurement techniques/stress/measurement (M/S/M). The second one concerns applied research by addressing current problems through experimental studies of the reliability of semiconductor devices and reliability at the circuit level. This program has a real impact on the 1µm PTM CMOS microelectronics technology platform, which requires electrical testbenches and characterization to evaluate the reliability and lifetime of devices and integrated circuits it manufactures. It is translated into actions as follows:

  • Development of rapid measurement benches for the characterization and reliability testing of thick (> 10 nm) and thin (<10 nm) oxide MOS devices.
  • Development of test benches under magnetic field.
  • Development of test benches under a controlled environment.
  • Development of a NBTI simulation interface for the Relxpert Cadence simulator.
  • Development of design techniques to improve the reliability of integrated circuits.
  • Manufacturing of test structures and circuits to validate DFR design techniques.

Team members


Socio-economic project

CBCEA project: Design and realization of an automated characterization bench under a controlled environment. Project manager: BENABDELMOUMENE Abdelmadjid . 


Triennal project

DOC project : Development of Characterization Tools: from the microstructure of defects to the degradation of integrated circuits. Project manager : DJEZZAR Boualem.



  • Development of automated soft/hard characterization benches for characterizing the reliability of semiconductor devices
  • Studies of the reliability of semiconductor devices
  • Design of integrated circuits for reliability

Area of impact

National level

The installation of the micro and nanoelectronics industry in Algeria can only be achieved after having reached a critical mass of proven skills. Therefore, it is more than necessary to support engineers in terms of supervision and highly qualified practical training to an international standard. Our contribution can be summarized as follows:

  • Support the micro-manufacturing technological platform in terms of electrical characterization and circuit reliability.
  • Supervise PhD students through doctoral thesis projects well targeted on our own research requirements.
  • Assist university laboratories in initiating experimental research by installing semiconductor component reliability test benches and modeling platforms to achieve national critical mass to form a semiconductor component reliability community.
  • Work towards complementarity in national collaboration with universities and research centres.
  • Assist and contribute to the deployment of test benches at university level.
  • Involvement in doctoral schools in microelectronics.
  • Provide electrical characterization services to national universities and research centers.

International level

  • Establish win-win international collaborations around the theme of “reliability of devices”.
  • Aim for excellence through high-level publications, such as IEEE, Elsevier…etc.
  • Participate in top level international conferences.