Dry Etching Training

The PTM offers training on dry etching tools that includes familiarization with dry etching as well as the operation of equipment in the cleanroom. The training is intended for all users who intend to perform any type of dry plasma etching in the cleanroom.

Training program:

1. Theoretical training:

The theoretical training is intended to familiarize you with the principles of dry etching, why and when to use dry etching, the relevant setting parameters in etching, nomenclature (units of measurement,…etc.). The training includes the following components:

  • Presentation of the principle of dry etching,
  • Description of the measurement parameters,
  • Applications in a CMOS process,
  • The relevant setting parameters in the engraving,
  • General presentation of dry etching equipment.

Duration: 2 hours.

2. Practical training:

The practical training is based on the use of equipment in clean rooms and includes the following points:

  • Overview of engraving equipment,
  • Use of the equipment through a practical exercise,
  • Select an engraving recipe,
  • Engraving,
  • Inspection (optical microscopes, profilometer).

Duration: 5 hours.