Training on Thin Film Deposition by PVD and PECVD

The objective of the training is to acquire basic notions (theoretical and practical) on the two vacuum deposition techniques, PVD “Sputtering” and PECVD, used in the micro-manufacturing technology center. This training is intended for technicians, engineers or students who wish to have an overview of the principles and potentials of these processes and the means of characterizing these deposited thin layers.

Training program:

1. Theoretical training:

  • Initiation to the depot,
  • Presentation of the deposition equipment in the deposition area.

Duration: Half day.

2. Practical training:

The practical work will be carried out in the clean room on the deposition and characterization equipment.

PVD deposition: Characterization of the deposited layer:

Thickness measurement by profilometer,
Square resistance measurement using the 4-point technique.
Duration: Half day.

PECVD deposition: Characterization of the deposited layer:

Measurement of layer thickness by ellipsometer,
Measurement of the refractive index by ellipsometer.

Duration: Half day.